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Einzigartige Erlebnisse auf einem ökologischen Bauernhof im Iran

Entdecken Sie einen ökologischen Bauernhof im Iran

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We have been lucky to find Omid, a sustainable and organic farmer in the desert oasis village of Iraj. It’s an honor to visit him and work with him as he is very invested in the improvement of the conditions in their village, but also he works with global NGOs.

You will visit him with your group and there will be a group activity where you will be picking fresh pomegranates, walnuts or mint depending on the seasonal availability. This is a great activity to immerse yourself in local life, and to make friends with Omid and your group. If the conditions are good, we can also observe local bread and handicraft production.

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Iraj only has 1506 inhabitants.

You won't find any clocksin Iraj, as the concept of time vanishes when you arrive.

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persiaventura - omid farmer

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